Overwhelm, Inaction, and a Nap

Melissa Walter

Don't let procrastination win!

Overwhelm, Inaction, and a Nap

What's the hardest part of any impending project? For me, the beginning.
Designing a new fitness routine? I ponder which movements, how much weight, and in what order.
Result = Overwhelm.
Replacing our creaky, uncomfortable couch? I deliberate over size, shape, color, delivery time, warranty, and materials. (Because pet hair is a daily struggle.)
Result = Overwhelm and Inaction.
Renovating my home office? I mull over which colors, how to fix those darn drywall cracks, and which furniture.
Result = Overwhelm, Inaction, and a Nap.
Luckily in December I stumbled upon an inspirational photo that kicked my brain into high gear regarding my office renovation. MCM-inspired furniture started my pursuit, then the numerous next-step tasks fell into place. Four months later the room is almost complete. (If I knew it was going to be a 4-month project I'm certain I would have procrastinated longer!)
Sure, multiple trips to the hardware store sucked, and taping plastic everywhere Dexter Morgan style is mind numbing.
But the vision got me through the un-fun parts. (Plus the impending furniture-delivery date was non-negotiable. So there was that.)
If you're procrastinating on something, look for some inspiration, set a deadline, and decide your first step. (Which shouldn't be a nap.)
Wishing you inspiration and motivation!
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